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Forecast for the best fun next week and a big fat 20% discount!

Been keeping a good watch on all the maps and charts, and Monday is looking AMAZING!! I'd like to encourage everyone to get yourself booked in for at least one session on Monday.

And for these school holidays, if you bring a friend, you get a fat 20% off your booking. That makes the $120 (3 day) session for just $96!

For the three day special program next week: I'd like to run on Mon/Tues/Fri mornings.

7.30am start for the Wave Ninjas (under 13s), 10am start for the Wave Warriors and Mermaids (13+)

To me, Wednesday and Thursday doesnt look like enjoyable beach weather, I'll keep an eye on it if forecast looks to change, but I think Wed/Thurs is to snuggle in with some movies!

Get in touch with me on or 0404 489 024 with any questions or to get yourself booked in!

Have an awesome weekend! Thanks, Lilly :)

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