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Why Bodyboarding?



I love bodyboarding because firstly, it's so simple and fun to learn the basics, that really anyone can do it, and then on an advanced level, it's super challenging and athletic!


For me, it was simply a fact that my brothers were doing it at the time, and I followed in their footsteps. Both brothers eventually got into surfing, but I kept on bodyboarding. I was hooked!



I think that's what else is pretty cool about bodyboarding, I think it's the best way to introduce kids into the sea. It's much safer than surfing for beginners, it's super fun and functional, and then you can choose whether you want to then progress into becoming a better bodyboarder or give surfing a shot! 


For me, I particularly love bodyboarding in 'heavy' barreling waves. I believe bodyboarding actually has a bit of an edge over surfing in this regard, bodyboarders dont need that extra second to jump to their feet and can hold onto their boards during an air drop into a wave, and with the right skills you can learn to "hit" the lip and get crazy amounts of air time too. It's like aerial gymnastics in the waves! Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate surfing a lot, I'm just explaining my reasons why I love bodyboarding so much. 


Really, whatever you want to ride; nothing beats that beach lifestyle... Sand, surf, salt, amazing waterlife. It's a sport where you never stop learning and it's exciting because every wave is uniquely different.

For me, bodyboarding has been the greatest motivation ever for me to keep fit, appreciate nature and travel the world searching for waves and experiencing different cultures. I'm so thankful for every moment of it!


Still deciding if bodyboard coaching is what you are after? Have a read of this great article on Riptide bodyboarding magazine website:



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