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Learn to bodyboard like a Pro with Lilly!

Develop your bodyboard skills with a small group of fun people every Saturday morning.

Best location in Cronulla chosen each week. Could be a reef or fun beach, depending on the group's level that week.

Time can vary week to week depending on swell, but usually it's a 7am start. Best way to start the day!

Suf Safety, skill development, and fun guaranteed.

Sessions include: Surf awareness; learning about rips/wind/swell/negotiating the waves. equipment introducion and advice, paddling, duckdiving, how to trim, hand and body positioning, all with special focus on good style and technique. 


More advanced moves (cutback, 360, rollo, invert, ARS, barrel riding, and further aerial moves) will be introduced as riders progress.

Group size is kept small for maximum safety and a premium service.

All equipment provided (or bring your own!).

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